De Hygienique X Villa Market bring up marketing activities, co-promotion, organic disinfection mist innovation.

“De Hygienique” an in-depth dust mites elimination expert and Thailand’s first-ever and leader of Organic Disinfection with Fogging Technology, cooperate with the premium supermarket, Villa Market. Bring up marketing activity and co-promotion. Offering special promotion of 20% discount for dust mites elimination service and more than 50% discount for organic disinfection fogging service, from June 1st to July 31st, 2020. To follows the currently popular health trend, with dust mites elimination and disinfection innovation for the household. Estimated the third quarter of the year 2020, the overall sterilization business will be more competitive.

Mr. Pakin Sudprasert, Vice President of D-Hygienique Thailand, has experience and expertise in dust mites. Imported world’s best innovation to eliminate dust mites from Germany, comes with Dry disinfection solution and chemical-free organic cleaning solution, revealed, marketing strategy in the second half of the year 2020, the brand De Hygienique will continue to provide comprehensive services to kill viruses, germs, bacteria, at home. Positioned the brand to be the solution for every home. Whether to clean Mattress, carpet, sofa, curtains, O-zone services, or car interior cleaning.

This Covid-19 disinfection fogging increased everyone’s confidence in shopping, with the world’s best innovation from Germany. Every procedure is safe for humans, pets, and environments. Therefore, customers can be sure that everyone including babies, 80-year-old elders, and people of every gender can receive our services. Our solution is an organic solution, extract from natural plant, fragrant, no chemicals, and 100% safe. All services are certified and guaranteed from Potema® Lab in Germany.

This marketing activity and co-promotion with the premium supermarket, Villa Market, counted as the first time De Hygienique cooperate with supermarket, due to Villa Market shares the same target customer as our company’s, and these special promotions are for Villa Market’s customers only. This special promotion of 20% to 50% discount can choose between 2 kinds of services for Thai people’s health, from June 1st to July 31st, 2020. free transportation free for customers in Bangkok and nearby provinces, for other provinces we will charge a transportation fee. Firstly, In-depth dust mites elimination service and O-zone with innovative technology using “Sanitizing” to kill germs. This method is 100% dry and 100% chemical-free, such as on the mattress, couch, curtains, carpets, and in the car interior. UVC rays from these intelligent machines can eliminate deep down to 7-8 inches. This kind of dust mites elimination is to maintain good health, prevent allergies, and to avoid cancer, etc.

Secondly, Anti-Virus Disinfection Coating with Fogging Technology is the high-tech machine, does not spread the viruses and the safest method, due to it does not require any air pressure. Accepted in the international-level for using Organic oil from natural plants that be able to eliminate and disinfect many viruses, for example, SARS H1N1 and currently Covid-19. This organic solution will coat all the surfaces and in only 20-30 minutes. It can be done in a closed area, such as a house, condominium, and inside the car, etc.

De Hygienique brand intends to bring technologies and services for health-concerned people, keep taking care of hygienic in their house. This cooperation with Villa Market increase our customer and gain wider awareness among people. Stimulate the customers who shop in the supermarket “Villa Market” to realize the importance of disinfecting viruses, and eliminate dust mites in their house.

Therefore, the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in customers’ interest in the service of innovative organic solution fogging, sterilization, and dust mites elimination, respectively. Sterilization or dust mites eliminating services will become one of the services that customers pay more attention to in terms of health. Besides, the overall market since the middle of the year 2020, sterilization companies started to face more intense competition continuously.

De Hygienique’s customer who is also a member of Villa Market, can contact De Hygienique for special promotions through social media, Line Official Account: @dh-thailand (with @ sign in front). IG: @dhthailand, and We operate daily from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm. Villa Market’s customer can also contact these special promotions through, Line Official Account: @villa.supermarket (with @ sign in front), and Facebook Villa Market.

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