Air sanitizer & Scent managment system

A perfume machine that can release the desired scent throughout the area.
and also adjust the fragrance level and set the working days freely

We are different from others

Fall asleep easily

natural smell Contributes to relaxation Fall asleep easily and sleep well through the night.

Nano Technology

Release odor with Nano Technology, resulting in a consistent scent throughout the working area. and does not mess up the surface

Long time

Adding perfume only 1 time can release the fragrance continuously for a long time.

Large area coverage

Able to release fragrance covering a wide area throughout the area.

Air Sanitizer & Scent It can release the smell and adjust the atmosphere in the area evenly around the area with Nano technology and natural perfume scent. No chemicals and harmless to the surface. Adjust the atmosphere in your room to smell fresh with natural scents all the time

Advantage of Air Sanitizer and Scent Management System

● Long-lasting, consistent fragrance.

● Covers a wide area throughout the area.

● Set the date and time of the automatic perfume dispenser freely.

● Perfume is a natural extract. harmless to people and pets

● Release perfume by Nano method, does not stain the floor. or causing problems with the smell not being thorough

● Easy to install, can be installed both on the floor and on the wall.

● Control the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution of air to suit the conditions of the area.

Air Sanitizer

ingredient of Air Sanitizer & Scent Management System

Comment from Customer

The machine can release the fragrance evenly. The smell is good, not too weak, not too pungent, and you can set the time to turn it on and off again. No need to wait to turn off the machine when not in use Normally, the dog house in the house can get rid of the smell well.
Pol.Gen.Somyot Pumpanmaung
Police General
Set up almost every room, including the central machine and small machine Gives a relaxing scent Many customers like the smell very much.
Beauty Clinic
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