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Car Interior Disinfection Service

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For one, a clean car is more presentable and could give you positive vibes. A clean car interior could also prevent the buildup of molds and other harmful bacteria or germs. In addition, your car’s cabin will smell better if you keep it clean and neat.

Full-service Car Wash
This is the most thorough of car washes. Your car will have the exterior cleaned, the inside of the windows, as well as a vacuuming of the interior. This will be done while you wait in your home.

Exterior Car Wash
This type of car wash typically utilizes by hand car wash, which cleans, shines and dries the exterior of your automobile. It uses the same basic equipment used in a Full Service car wash but interior windows and vacuuming are not done.This is a fast, convenient way to protect your car from the elements.

In most cases, all we need is 24 hours notice for an appointment. So calling more than 24 hours in advance is always helpful. We do offer car cleaning and sanitizing service with no travel service fee in Bangkok Metropolitan Region area.

The more often a vehicle is waxed, the better. Our recommendation is every 3 months is acceptable. However, let us look after your car every months is the best recommendation.

Yes we can, it’s never an exciting moment when you get out of the car and go “Where did this scratch come from?”, or when you hit something or someone hits you and you walk around to see the damage. There is a trick for this repair. If you take your finger nail and rub it across the scratch, and you do not notice a groove that catches it, you are likely dealing with a candidate for removal. Our exterior technicians will utilize a compound and buffing pad to carefully remove the scratch.

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