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Carpet Sanitizing Service

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In normal cases it does not require any time to dry, though in other cases, it may need about 10-15 minutes.

Modern Technology

In stead of using an extensive amount of water and chemical cleaning solution to clean and sanitize a carpet, De Hygienique uses a disinfecting solution which is human and environmental friendly paired up with a special counter-rotating brush that can do the work more effectively

Environmental friendly

The cleaning compound sprinkled on the carpet will penetrate itself while being brushed into the carpet using a carpet cleaning machine, absorbing the dirt and stains and vanish away as the dissolving effects kicks in.

Due to the restriction of the company’s safety standards, we are limited to assisting our customers only on the transfer of light-weight furnitures off from and back onto the carpet.

Our services can remove all types of stains, however, whether it will be 100% removed depends on various factors such as stain type or age. Years-neglected hard resistance stains may only be 70-80% removed in one cleaning.

Depending on how it’s being used. For most people, would be twice a year, in order to maintain its hygiene, disinfecting virus and bacteria, including deodorizing the unwanted smell. But if it’s used regularly, then it would require more frequent cleanings.

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