Chandelier Cleaning and Sanitizing Services

The dominant feature of the chandelier cleaning and sanitizing system is the ability to polish off the dust and dirt build-up so effectively that you can see the intricate detail of the chandelier glittering.

Our success is in the delivery of a world-class cleaning and sanitizing services.

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100% Dry

Using various states of the dry sanitizing treatment technologies from Europe, all selected for their revolutionary cleaning results.

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100% Convenient

Can be used immediately after the cleaning and sanitizing treatment.

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100% No Chemical

No chemical residue left after cleaning is completed. To ensure our treatment is safe for people.

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100% Quality Service Guaranteed

Dry, Convenient, No Chemical and 100% Quality service guaranteed

Global Perspective

Thailand’s No.1 Home Hygiene Service Provider

Why are we the most trusted brand ?

The ORIGINAL cleaning and sanitizing equipment designed and internationally patented in Germany in 1989. Used in more than 16 countries, with more than 5000 systems distributed to service providers around the world.

Received numerous accreditations by international hygiene journals and laboratories in medical fields for its proven results. The only mattress cleaning system that is awarded with ECARF certification in the world.

Featured on TV Channels internationally for its effective results in cleaning and sanitizing professionally for residential and commercial need.


Chandelier Cleaning and Sanitizing Process, accepted at an international level.



Brushng off dirt on the chandelier surface from bottom and up.



The nano fabric is designed to wipe off dusts without leaving scratched marks on the chandelier surface.



Spray on chandeliers' surface with Potema disfecting solution from Germany for an effective sanitization.


Restore the shine

Aside from the ability to sanitize any surface so effectively, Potema sanitizing spray can also provide a continuous protection to the surface against future contamination.

Customer Review

Our customers used the Chandria Sanitizing Service and gave us some reviews 🙂

ประทับใจในการทำความสะอาดโคมไฟระย้า ได้เป็นอย่างดี ไม่เกิดความเสียหายขึ้น และทีมงานค่อยๆทำความสะอาดอย่างประนีต
สายสมร ทวีศาปพิทักษ์
Business owner
บริการดีมาก พูดคุยเป็นกันเอง ติดต่อแล้วไม่เกร็ง สบายๆ
น้ำ กชพรรณ
Chief Marketing Officer
พนักงานให้คำแนะนำดีมาก บริการดีเยี่ยม ไม่นึกมาก่อนโคมไฟที่บ้านจะสกปรกขนาดนี้
พลับ ชัยบริภัณฑ์
Flight attendant
การบริการของพนักงานดีมาก ตอนแรกก็กลัวโคมไฟชำรุด แต่พนักงานมือนิ่งมาก
ณพิน โรจศิลธรรม
Financial Analyst


Seeing is believing. Our gallery will help you understand more about our chandelier sanitizing service🙂


Our proven cleaning result

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers asked us these questions most of the time 🙂

All types of chandeliers have gaps for dust mites accumulation, a leading source of allergens causing allergies.

A team of well trained professionals that places the safety of the customers and their assets while providing the service, as top priorities.

The disinfecting solution we use is specifically made for chandeliers’ crystals, thus, will not cause any damage to the crystals or any other surface, and also environmental friendly.

At least every 4-6 months, to maintain the shines of intricate glittering lights of your chandeliers and protecting it from future accumulation of dust mites.

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