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The fundamental principles of cleaning a cushion or a couch, whether made from leather or cloth, is to do it every 4-6 months to reduce the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria. Looking after your furnitures the right way and properly care for its hygiene can help extend the life and maintain the beauty of your furnitures.

A seat cover made from leather will dry immediately, whereas a fabric seat cover 30 minutes to completely dry or may take longer for hard resistant stains.

Regularly use a brush to lightly brush off the dust and vacuum at least twice every week. Wipe off the dirty stain using cloth and warm water to reduce stains resistance.

The disinfecting solution we use contains all natural ingredients and 100% chemical-free.

The process of upholsteries cleaning and sanitizing takes approximately 30-40 minutes or more, depending on the resistance of the dirt and stains.

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