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Our “ANTI VIRUS DISINFECTION COATING” can effectively kill Covid-19, SARS, Ebola, H5N1, other virus, including bacteria, especially the very dangerous ones such as Bodettella xxxx or the Streptococus Pneumonia which is the main cause of most infections in the respiratory system, and can also remove fungi, the main source of bad unwanted smells.

De Hygienique’s disinfecting solution, chemical free and unscented product imported from Germany.
Our dry fogging technique, which enables the disinfection on hard-to-reach surfaces to be possible, is unlike the typical wet delivery system that leaves water residues, air humidity, and moist surfaces, causing slippery floors and wet marks on furnitures. Here at De Hygienique, the dry fogging technique, currently the best solution in the world to kill virus and bacteria, is serviced by our team of experts with long-term experience in the business, professionally trained by the corporate international team of experts on a monthly basis.

the process for a 50 sq.m. coverage takes up 30 minutes in approximate, 10 min. on fogging, and 20 min. on settling and coating the surfaces, and is ready to operate right after.

We just recommend the removal of loose items or items that are sensitive to a bit of moisture & making sure all food is sealed. Other than that, you do not need to remove any large furniture items.

Our special coating solution works well on any surface, as it gives the coated surfaces a protection against future contaminations, thus, virus and bacteria that comes in contact with the coated surface, though, depending on the usage of the surface, as constant rubbings may reduce the efficiency of the protection.

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