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My mattresses were so filthy and smelling.. But after cleaning,it became very clean and the smell got better.. Not only did cleaning,but they taught me how to care about them.I am so happy and finally, I can sleep well.
Nipaporn Chukasemsuk
Staff are punctual and did a good job for my mattresses. They are very meticulous and polite. This is my 3rd or 4th time using their service and they always delivers top-notch service. Highly recommended!
Kittipong Srisangkeaw
We asked De Hygienique to clean our mattress several times, and we are very satisfied with the results. The customer service has been prompt and helpful, the crew efficient and always on time -- in a word, reliable. Highly recommend.
Nuttanicha Atomiiz
They did an expert cleaning job on my home today. My mattress, sofa and carpet looked better than ever.
Jariyaporn Panpradit
They did an expert cleaning job on my home today. My mattress, sofa and carpet looked better than ever.
Patchara Sathirakorn
Buisness Owner
The cleaning is complete and efficient, They take proud in their work with the little details of care. These little things not only surprise me but, they put a smile on my face. I feel like I'm coming home to a five star hotel.
Siriwan Budmuang
I couldn't be happier to see DH team arrive to bring our home up to speed. They are efficient, pleasant and always on time. If you have never had a cleaning service, you will be thrilled to have this company help you out.
Bordin Chomchuen
They consistently do a great job cleaning the entire house. They leave a summary of cleaning rotations, noting areas cleaned that day and areas to be cleaned the next time.
Sunny Akira
Business Owner
I have used De Hygienique for 2 years now. It is a wonderful service and great value at a very reasonable cost. I have some disabilities and the service helps me with things that are difficult for me.
Veeranatha Pimoltip
They are flexible and efficient, making it easy to work with them.
Krissada Wannatanapakin
Business owner
We have used this service for several years. They are trustworthy, reliable and have consistently done a good job.
Jirawan Pongpichitkul
Business owner
The service provided by De Hygienique has been very good. Would recommend.
Pisan Aowsatarporn
Business owner
Great Service. Responsible. Fast action.
Tanee Pornpisudsak
Business owner
Very good consultation
Porta Yimptriporn
Business owner
Professional. International company
Pisanu Vichensan
Business owner
Professional People, Great Follow Up
Sitichai Chaikragkai
Business owner
Love this cleaning company...always willing to adjust their schedule and very reliable...would recommend it to everyone.
Chatrawee Jitkulmatapat
Business owner
I am impressed with efficiency of the company. De Hygienique is charming and very helpful.
Narongpon Prapanirin
Business owner
Was thinking about a way to clean the mattress and sofa for a long time until I met @ dh-thailand. I'm very happy because looking at the dust that makes me feel comfortable that Rada and Rapee are far from dust mites and reduce the chance of allergies.
It's time for 6 months. Call the @dhthailand team to clean bed and carpet. They were great! Carpet were removed by them and everything was brought back nice and clean when the time came. They also help put everything back the way it was.
Nina Panyayong
* Big Cleaning day ❤️ Big Cleaning Day, vacuuming and getting rid of dust mites in every bed !!! Suggest that every home should do even more children !! # Do it 4 months once # Do not fade, look at our dust, hahahaha @dhthailand Very good service, clean
กุ๊บกิ๊บ สุมณทิพย์
I was shocked by dust mites on the bed which are the cause of allergies. 😲 What are the nights we sleep each night? 😖 Thank you @dhthailand for helping to take care of this. Today, the whole house, sofa, bed, curtains can do everything.
Not Worrarit
Thank you @dhthailand for coming to get rid of dust mites for the whole house. No more problems Allergy, do not be afraid. Thank you. Must eliminate dust mites every 6 months. Even at home, getting rid of dust mites every day, every room is never enough. Thank you very much. @Dhthailand
Kratae Supaksorn
Now I'm happy that I'm not allergic. Because contacted @dhthailand to clean the mattress And sofa at home. Highly recommended. They are really good service. Staff are very polite.
Now breathing in my home feels a lot better. Also able to kill and inhibit the accumulation of bacteria in the long-term continuously after service for up to 3 months as well Thank you very much @dhthailand. German technology with advanced Air Virus Disinfection and Sanitizing system.
A clean home is a happy home😊 Today, I've used the service of @dhthailand @mutjatika to get rid of dust mites, sofa, bed curtain, baby barrier, including sterilizing with very good value 😍 กำจัดไรฝุ่นทั้งโซฟา ม่าน เตียง คอกกั้นเด็ก รวมถึงฆ่าเชื้อด้วยค่า ดีมากๆเลย😍
Newclear Hansa J
Right now I'm staying in a lot of houses and I'm clearing the area for my little ones to come. The cleanliness is also very important. Considered to be the first place for a newborn baby Creek therefore has to arrange deep cleaning experts. De hygienique provided a sanitizing machine to eliminate dust mites Whether curtains in every place, sofa, leather chair, carpet, bed, mattress, mattress. Today, Cree is using a professional dust mite removal service from @dhthailand.

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