DH-Furniture Film

Maintaining furniture to look beautiful and durable to use Can start with protection. DH-Furniture Film is a good choice for furniture lovers. Because it protects the surface of the furniture from everyday use. whether scratch scratches from pressing or impact Including protection against water or chemicals that may harm the surface of the furniture. can be bonded on with a special adhesive layer which will not leave glue stains to worry about

Prevent scratches to your furniture.

Passed the experiment with acid-base solution.

The color of the furniture does not change.

heat resistant

The protective film will protect your beloved furniture from scratches from objects such as sharp knives, falling objects. or even pet claw marks It also withstands high heat without changing the color of your furniture. Feel relieved when you accidentally drop a hot soup pot or pan on the table. With technology that has been tested with acid-base solutions effectively


Premium furniture protection film
Luxuriously superior with DH-Furniture Film, helping your precious furniture come back without any scratches. The surface looks clean and shiny. It also has the ability to coat the surface of the material to prevent cracking and fading from sunlight. Extend the life of the furniture for a long time.

film properties

DH-Furniture Film ร Platinum Film

- Thickness 200 micron
- Tested with acid-base solution.
- The color of the furniture does not change.
- Heat resistant up to 120 degrees
- Prevents scratches from sharp objects. Or nail marks from pets
- 2 year film warranty
- Suitable for furniture that needs the highest protection performance.

DH-Furniture Film

Picture of DH-FILM furniture protection film

DH-Furniture Film


Furniture protection film that has been tested with acid-base solutions that are not harmful to the surface material, do not change color and protect furniture from scratches and heat.

Because furniture protection film protects furniture from scratches, sharp objects, or even pet nail marks. Prevents overheating and does not discolor the furniture.

With the properties of DH-Furniture Film with high protection efficiency. Therefore able to prevent water stains Resists stains from wine stains well.

Suitable for furniture that needs protection from extreme heat. Due to its heat resistant properties up to 120 degrees such as kitchen furniture Prevent heat from pots and pans when in contact with the table surface, so it does not cause scratches.

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