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Our story

De Hygienique (Thailand) Company Limited is the country’s No.1 indoor hygiene service and cleaning system solution provider for over 10 years.

Our Services

De Hygienque is committed to providing quality services to all our customers.

Air & Surface Disinfection Against Covid-19, Bacteria, Microbial, And Corona Virus

State-of-the-art professional disinfecting services which offer the safest and highest efficiency technology, using a non-chemical solution that is safe for humans and animals, yet effectively kills viruses, bacteria, and continuously protects all surfaces from further contaminations for a long period.

Mattress Sanitizing Service

In today’s society, you see lifestyles and everything that evolves around it changing constantly, even the traditional cleaning methods, where change is driven towards the demands of a healthier lifestyle and safe environment, especially amongst those who has small children who are prone to higher risk of getting allergies when exposed to polluted environment.

Upholsteries Sanitizing Service

A distinct feature of sanitizing system is its revival ability. Cleaning and sanitizing an old, unwashed, dirty, smelly chair cushion will restore back its freshness, colors, and life.

Carpet Sanitizing Service

One of the world’s leaders in carpet cleaning and sanitizing sytem that eliminates virus and bacteria using a dry techique, a system continuously committed to research in the development and delivery of highest quality services.

O-zone Service

Our excellent service, combined with the innovation of a high-performance air disinfectant, has become a solution for indoor odor problems.

Curtain Sanitizing Service

A World class leading sanitizing system that is infinitely committed to research in the development and delivery of highest quality services.

Chandelier Sanitizing Service

The dominant feature of the chandelier cleaning and sanitizing system is the ability to polish off the dust and dirt build-up so effectively that you can see the intricate detail of the chandelier glittering.

Car Sanitizing Service

A continuous product development, delivering the best services, and fulfilling the needs of the daily increasing number of our customers, are the reasons why De Hygieninque offers a Car Interior Cleaning Services that can be delivered straight to your home.

Air Filter Replacement Service

Living a healthy life begins with knowing what is in the air. Indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution up to 2-5 times. The presence of pollutants Allergens Germs and viruses may slip out through the air conditioning filter, contaminating the air which continuously circulates inside the residence.

Our Solutions

De hygieniuqe is the solution provider of today solving critical health and well-being issues, tying them more tightly than ever before to clients.

Cinema Solution

Soiled carpet and fabric seats in auditorium and cinema need dry cleaning to minimize downtime.

Restaurant Solution

Food stains on carpet or dining chairs are some of the common scene restaurants would face.

Hotel Solution

Effective and quick drying cleaning and hygiene service is very important for any hospitality industry.

Plane & Yatch Solution

Aircraft and ship cleaning require stringent control to ensure no moisture would leak into the cabin interior due to the electric cabling.

Retail Outlet Solution

Heavy traffic on carpet and upholsteries in retail outlets require effective and quick drying cleaning treatment.

School Solution

Smelly and dirty mattresses are common mattress hygiene problems faced by student dormitories which require professional and effective service maintenance.

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