DH-FILM Window Film No. 1
Protection From Infrared Rays Up to 99%

 DH-FILM No. 1 light filter film that can block up to 99% of infrared rays. transparent even at night from advanced technology ( G5 Nano Ceramics Film ) increases Confident in quality that meets international standards through advanced testing from JIS institute. (Japan Industrial Stand) with Anti Glare Technology makes excellent visibility. Both many superior features

We are different from others

Protection Against 99% Infrared Radiation

Infrared radiation is harmful to our skin. The most frightening is cause skin cancer

Heat Rejection Technology

Protect from heat and UV rays

Very High Durability

It has a very high durability and does not peel off

Weather resistant

Frequent climate change will not affect the quality of our film

Protection Against 99% Infrared Radiation

Highlights of the DH-FILM film is a high standard of protection against infrared radiation. Up to 99% of infrared radiation is radiation that originates from heat. which is radiation that cannot be seen The infrared rays have a detrimental effect on our skin, causing skin loses its elasticity including darkening And the scariest thing is that it causes skin cancer.

Heat Rejection Technology


The highlight is the protection from heat from light and harmful rays that are more than UV rays. Accumulated heat that affects the temperature inside the cabin, all DH-FILM films can be Adopt Heat Rejection technology, resulting in heat reduction and protection. Truly, clearly with the results of the protection test. Short- to long-term radiation range from 0 – 2,200 nm.

Very High Durability

in terms of durability film from nanotechnology produced by nano-charging into the film layer will have a very high durability and will not peel off, unlike Metal film produced with conventional technology is the production of layered film overlays.
or Multi layers sputtering, making the film not durable, have a chance to peel off while in use

Weather resistant

DH-FILM are resistant to all weather conditions. Whether it is very hot – very cold Frequent temperature and climate changes will not affect film quality. color does not fade when used for a long time

The team is supported both in technology, research and development products, services, as well as the development of personnel who have been trained by specialists that make the team competent. The difference includes the availability of the best service to every valued customer.

Window Film

DH-FILM window film, premium home and building film. Clear vision thanks to Anti Glare Technology that reduces glare in the room. Safe in all lighting conditions And going above and beyond to another level of safety with Shatterproof film, preventing the danger of cracking. according to Japanese standards

World Class Film DH-FILM


** Light Transmittance( Visible Light Transmission , VLT )
** Radiation Protection Value UV ( UV Rejection , UVR )
** Reduction of heat from infrared radiation (Infrared Rejection ,IRR)
** Total heat reduction, or the cost of reducing heat from sunlight. (Total Solar Energy Rejection , TSER )

What are the advantages of ceramic film?

  • Nano-ceramic film color does not fade. Longer service life than general building film
  • Looking from the inside, there is clarity, clarity, but good heat resistance.
  • 99% UV protection and up to 96% heat protection.
  • It does not reflect light like mercury film.

Picture of the work of DH-FILM, a world-class light filter film.


Pictures before and after the service


Our customers asked us these questions most of the time 🙂

It’s a question that many people wonder. Saying that the curtains are installed, why do they have to install film? Everyone may be unaware or suspicious. Why is the curtain installed and the room is still hot? That’s because the curtain’s function is to block only light. and obscures outside visibility for privacy but not able to block the heat radiation or infrared radiation Therefore, many houses choose to install film. Especially the DH-FILM film that protects both light, UV rays and infrared rays up to 99%, helping to reduce heat in the house. It also helps to save electricity costs.

Film, in addition to the property to reduce heat in the house. also help with being
Inside the house as well during the day and with Anti Glare Technology, no matter how opaque the film is, Inside the house, you can still see the outside clearly. But at night, outside the house can be seen inside the house. because the light from inside the house is more than outside the house which if the room requires high privacy Curtains are the best option.

Because the light filter film has a variety of intensity, such as dark film 40/60/80 and clear film, each intensity Suitable for different types of rooms and it is important to look at the direction of sunlight as well, including

– The room at the west where the sunlight enters all afternoon May have to choose a medium intensity film, recommend a 60% intensity light filter film
– A bedroom that wants darkness. privacy I recommend choosing 80% intensity.
– As for the living room, dining room, it recommends a 40% light filtering film intensity to make it look airy and not uncomfortable.
– The room on the ground floor On the road or walkway I don’t want anyone to look inside to see. It is recommended to install 80% intensity light filter film.

The installation of DH-FILM reduces heat significantly. especially during the daytime by the heat that arises from infrared light and radiation From the test DH-FILM model PT80 can protect the total heating value (TSER) up to 96%, so the air conditioner in the house will work less, helping to save on electricity bills. It also makes the room cool faster as well. Because the heat build-up in the room is reduced by DH-FILM.

The film installation team from De Hygenic has experience in film installation for more than 10 years. Installing film in a house of 200-500 square feet takes only 1 day, and more specifically in Bangkok area. No additional travel costs

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Our customers use the DH-FILM installation service and give us some reviews.🙂

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