“De Hygienique” moving forward with public mind to develop organic anti virus disinfection innovation.

“De Hygienique” moving forward with the public mind to help the organization and government sector, developing Thailand’s first-ever “Anti Virus Disinfection with Fogging Technology”. The High-tech organic disinfection innovation. Safety for humans, animals, and the environment. Guaranteed the quality of outcome by the world-class research results.

Mr. Pakin Sudprasert, Vice President of De Hygienique Thailand, revealed “De Hygienique Brand has a good understanding of the world’s best high-tech sanitizing innovations imported from Germany. Continuous the business for more than 12 years. Involving deeply eliminating dust mites with the “Sanitizing” method. Comes with dry cleansing and safety with an organic cleaning solution, no effect on human, animals, and the environment. Currently, Thailand is facing Covid-19 problems, its time for every sector and everyone to get through this pandemic together.

ดีไฮจีนิค พ่นควันฆ่าเชื้อ anti virus disinfection

Therefore, the intention of De Hygienique, as a private company, the company has a public mind, bringing High-tech service “Anti Virus Disinfection with Fogging Technology”, machines that release the high-quality mist. This machine doesn’t require any air pressure, so it is safe from the spreading of viruses. Accepted in the international-level for using Organic oil from natural plants that be able to eliminate and disinfect many viruses, for example, SARS H1N1 and currently Covid-19. Besides, De Hygienique brand has been guaranteed the results by Potema® Lab in Germany.

Mr. Pakin continues, “Considered as a continuous social activity, so we pay attention to the importance of society as a whole, such as the FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND IN THAILAND under the Royal patronage of H.M. the Queen. Which is the first foundation in Thailand that trusted in the quality and capability of De Hygienique brand and let De Hygienique brand to look after and protect personnel and students with vision problems.

Anyway, The High-tech innovations that have been accepted internationally can eliminate, control, and prevent the spread of the virus in areas with a high spreading level of Covid-19 such as, China and South Korea. The Anti-Virus Disinfection Coating machine will dispense the mist from the organic cleaning solution and spreading the mist to all the areas. The mist will coat the surfaces within 20-30 minutes. For example, inside condominium, house, office, studio, hospital, cinema, surgery center, restaurant, car, or even top-class clinic. This counted as Thailand’s first brand that the coating can last longer than 2-3 months. Our customers are those health-concerned people, age around 20-30 years-old. With trustable word of mouth marketing strategy for the brand.”

In this Covid-19 pandemic, the company is offering a special promotion for everyone, to get access to Anti-Virus Disinfection service with more than 50% discount from De Hygienique’s heart. From now until June 30th, 2020. Only by contact us with social media Line Official Account: @dh-thailand (with @ sign in front). IG: @dhthailand. and www.dh-thailand.com. We operate daily from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm.

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