De Hygienique X Smart bus, Thailand’s first-ever public bus sanitizing.

De Hygienique cooperates with Smart Bus, Thailand’s top public transportation, come up with bus sanitizing project. Aim to eliminate dust mites and germs using the sanitizing method, inside the public bus for the first time in Thailand. To improve and make customers more confident about hygienic while using public transportation. “We provide hygienic services to every available line in the year 2020 and will continue the service to the year 2021 for every Smart Bus’s customers.

Mr. Pakin Sudprasert, Vice President of D-Hygienique Thailand, revealed, De Hygienique (Thailand) using Germany’s best sanitizing and mites eliminating technology. Now the company is cooperating with Smart Bus Co., Ltd. Thailand’s top public transportation, this cooperation will last 1 year. De Hygienique brand sees the risen of PM 2.5 smog that causing air pollution. This time Smart Bus entrusting in our company to take care of sanitizing and cleaning the whole bus and on every bus. For the safety and hygienic of every Smart Bus’s passerger.

bus sanitizing

Our services are the special procedures to clean the stains, eliminate dust mite, and eliminate odor on the passenger seat, also eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses at the same time. De Hygienique has cleaned every area on the bus, also coated with the special solution for long term protection. All of the processes are 100% chemical-free. De Hygienique has already cleaned and sanitized 20 buses since January 2020 and plans to continue and repeat the work for the whole year.

In addition, the company is preparing a marketing strategy on dust mites elimination plans for both the private and government sectors. For other transportation-related plan is under consideration. Expected to extend the dust mites elimination and sanitizing service of private car to public buses and public vans, etc.

Never the less you can contact De Hygienique (Thailand) via social media. Line Official Account: dh-thailand (with @ sign in front). IG: dhthailand. and We operate daily from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm. read more

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