Review: Dust mites eliminating by mattress and upholsteries sanitizing services from De Hygienique.

If talking about mattress and upholsteries sanitizing services, many people might think that dust mites eliminating is just a waste of money, cleaning it by using their own vacuum cleaner is already enough. But how can you be sure that, your vacuum cleaner can really clean out and sanitize all the germs that deeply stuck inside your mattress and upholsteries?

dust mites eliminating

Today, I’m going to show you the mattress and upholsteries sanitizing service from De Hygienique (Thailand).

Mattress and Sofa

I got King size mattress sanitizing service voucher and 1 set of sofa sanitizing service vouchers from I booked the service time with the company to come and sanitize at my house. The company operates daily and offers 3 rounds of operation per day, which are 10.00 am, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

When the specialists arrived, they go to work immediately. Beginning from the sofa, firstly, the specialists will use their machine to test the sofa and shows us are there any specks of dust inside the sofa. As you can see below, there really was a lot of dust inside the sofa. I was so shocked about the outcome. We can see this much dusts even the sofa is in the closed area. What will happen if it placed in the open area?

Then, the specialist starting to sanitize the sofa, they using 2 types of the machines to make sure that they can get to every corner.

Their highlight equipment is called “Mattress Sanitizing-System”. It is the machine that is used in the cleaning and sanitizing process. With the sucking power up to 7-8 inches deep, and with high-concentration UVC light, it makes them be able to clean and eliminate bacteria, germs, and the fungus that hiding in our bed and sofa easily.

After the sanitizing operation has completed, the specialists have tested the sofa again to shows the comparison. As you can see, there is no dust left. (The white dust that you see is the materials of the sofa, not the dust).

Comparison between Before(Right) and After(Left)

Specialists then spray some cleaner solution onto the sofa to clean it once again.

Another highlight that once again made me shocked. They use the machine to apply the dry foam to the sofa and scrub clean the cloth surface (no need to do this on the leather sofa).

Finally, they apply the anti-dust mites coating solution. That’s it, you get back your cleaned and shine like the brand new sofa.

Lets moving on to sanitize the bed. I always wanted to clean the bed but I can’t do it by myself, the regular vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to work well. Leave it unclean for too long also leads to the allergy.

The specialists started the same procedure, by testing the bed to shows the result. I can say that the bed looks way much dirtier than the sofa.

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