Stains on the carpet, stains in our heart.

Sometimes just a little stain on the carpet could annoy us. This article will help you solve the problems with dirty and unpleasant looking carpet, these carpets can’t clean itself, and very difficult to clean it. But if you follow our easy tips and tricks, you will be surprised to knew how easy you can clean stained carpet by yourself. Let’s get right into it.

clean stained carpet

1. Bubble Gum
Sometime you might forget or careless, causing bubble gums to stick to your carpet. Don’t worry because you can use hairdryer and plastic warp to get rid of it. Firstly, take your hairdryer and blow a hot wind onto the gum to make it softer. Then grab it with plastic wrap. But it the sticky stains remain on the carpet, you can apply carpet cleaner solutions on those stains and wipe it off again with a clean cloth, then dry it with dryer. Those are the quick and easy steps to bring back your clean and fluffy carpet.

2. Rust Stains
If you place your steel desk or steel cabinet on the carpet for too long. When you move them, they might leave some rust stains on the carpet. To clean them, simply squeeze some lemon or lime juices onto the stain and leave it there for 5 minutes, then wipe it with a thick clean cloth. Next, pour some vinegar onto it and leave it for 45 minutes more, then wipe it out. After that, use soap to wipe around the stain. Finally, wipe it again with the wet cloth. You will get back your beautiful and pleasant looking carpet.

3. Food Stains
Whose house has carpeting in the living room or dining room will have difficult time trying to avoid the food stains , regardless of soup, dessert, or juice, that might leave some stain on the carpet. The way to clean them is so easy. just sprinkle some salt or washing detergent onto the stain and let it sit for a while just for the stain to be absorbed. Then wipe it with soap until there is no salt or detergent left on the carpet. That’s it.

4. Stains from powder or other dust.
If some powder or other dry and dusty ingredients spilled onto the carpet. It is not that easy to take the whole carpet and flick those powder out immediately. The easy way to clean them is to get the vacuum cleaner and suck out the powder as much as possible. Then wipe it with กiluted dishwashing liquid and use a clean cloth to absorb and dry all the water out. It is that simple.

5. Oil stains
The way to clean the oil stains that got stuck in your carpet, you can either use the same method as used to clean the clothes by sprinkling some baby powder into the stain. The powder will absorb the oil from the cloth. Or you can place some clean cloth or tissue paper on top of the stain and then place the iron on top of that cloth/tissue. The heat of iron will get those stains absorbed into the cloth.

6.Deep and stubborn stains
Heavy stain like coffee, chocolate, wine or even blood stain. To get rid of them, firstly, you have to wash it off immediately. But do not wipe or rub it too hard until the stain spreading. After that, get your vinegar and mix it with clean water in 1:2 ratio, then spray your solutions onto the stain and gently absorb with again with a clean cloth. By this method you can simply clean out the stain, but remember to do it immediately, otherwise the stain will be very difficult to clean.

 If you already decided to carpet your floor, you should make sure to keep those carpet in perfect and pleasant conditions. Besides cleaning using a vacuum cleaner and eliminate odor, if there is any stain appears, it should be clean up immediately, otherwise, the stain will get very difficult to clean up and might stick there forever. In this article, we bring all the easy and convenient tips and tricks for all of you. The equipment and tools that you need can be found easily in the kitchen. Finally, if you want a more convenient and professional way to clean your house, you can contact one-stop cleaning and sanitizing service from De Hygienique. Tel: 02-281-7103,02-628-2652. Line Official Account: @dh-thailand (with @ sign in front). IG: @dhthailand. and We operate daily from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm. read more

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