How to maintain your sofa like brand new

Whose Home has a lovely fabric sofa, there are always some headache problems with it. Because we always have to keep our eyes on those stains, dust, and our pets that might leave some scratches on the sofa. You need to be careful because if we don’t always take good care of it, we will have to sit with all the germ. Best way is to maintain sofa and keep it as clean as possible

maintain sofa
  1. Clean the dust regularly Our sofa is the high quality dust absorber, especially in the little corner between the seats. We should vacuums them regularly to clean out the dust, hair, chips or small dirt that can’t be see with our eyes. If your sofa can be separate in to many parts, you should clean them separately and take it to the sun to kill germs
  2. Wash them more often Those pillows on the sofa should be washed regularly, try to avoid wash it with washing machine as it will make the pillows lose it’s shape and broke the pillow’s fiber easily. Try to hand wash those pillow and dry it in the sun.
  3. Get rid of small stains on the sofa For the sofa that can’t be separate, when it get stained you have to clean them immediately be spraying cleaner solution on it and wipe them off with clean cloth. If you don’t have cleaning solution, you can rather use clean cloth and warm soap water, gently wipe on the stain until it fade away and blow it until it dry completely.
  4. Clean deep stain If there is any deep stain stuck on your sofa like blood stain, you can mix baking soda with water and use tooth brush to rub it softly not to damage the surface. Next, use clean cloth to absorb the stain out and try to change the cloth every time to avoid the stain from the dirty cloth getting back to the sofa. Lastly, repeat these step until the stain is cleaned out.
  5. Smell on sofa Sofa tend to have bad odor if we don’t wash them or take them out to the sun regularly. After we cleaned our sofa, Last step is to soak the cloth in the dilute fabric softener and gently wipe it around the sofa or spray odor elimination spray on the sofa. Moving sofa to the area that has sunlight also helps reduce odor.

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