De Hygienique brand moves forward to eliminate dust mites + send Anti Bacterial Coating

De Hygienique brand Continue to get rid of dust mites in depth + send anti-bacterial coating spray to penetrate the market, show the leadership of high-efficiency technology innovation from Germany, no. 1 in the world. To prevent and stop the COVID-19 virus for the luxury cinema. Embassy Diplomat Screens guarantee safety, high cleanliness for customers who use the cinema.

Mr. Pakin Sudprasert, Vice President of De Hygienique Thailand, revealed that De Hygienique brand Have expertise in high technology innovation Imported from Germany, no. 1 in the world which the Sanitizing deep cleaning service comes with innovation Dry germicidal and Chemical free with organic solutions that do not affect people, animals and the environment. De Hygienique brand, we have been trusted by customers for over 11 years.

The innovation of intelligent dust mites elimination device does not cause allergies and protect the virus that is currently spreading. In addition, De Hygienique brand also offers an in-depth anti-bacterial coating sprayer with the air ozone and sanitize system. The trend of customers and businesses is now focusing on the use of dust mite removal and spraying services to kill more bacteria to prevent and stop various viruses. For movie theaters Is a place that has high service people safety and cleanliness by sterilizing and removing dust mites is an important matter. Therefore, the brand’s high-tech which saw the luxurious cinemas in Thailand, Embassy Diplomat Screens trusted the De Hygienique brand to eliminate dust mites In-depth care focusing on the area movies and cushions and movie beds 1 also use a bactericidal spraying machine. For the whole movie theater as well

However, Khun Chanthamon Yamphan, celebrity and businessman, said, “I am a new generation who cares about health. The business that is involved is highly related to beauty and health. Focus on the place that is clean and safe. When choosing to use the service The Embassy Diplomat Screens cinema also removes in-depth dust mites and kills 100% organic bacteria as well, resulting in greater trust in the service.

Khun Sawi Won Pian, a young celebrity Added that “I am happy that the cinema cares and wants all places to take care of the cleanliness and virus free. Especially as a public place, many people use the service as well In this situation, killing bacteria is very important for the safety of customers. “

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