“De Hygienique Brand”, the leader in dust removal innovation

“De Hygienique Brand”, the leader in deep dust mite innovation for health Accelerate customer base expansion

Mr. Pakin Sudprasert, Vice President of D-Hygienique Thailand, revealed that De Hygienique brand Import innovation to eliminate dust mites from Germany Have experience and expertise in dust mite removal With the outstanding quality of De Hygienique brand is the introduction of technology that has been developed with efficiency Imported to provide service to customers in Thailand With a strategy to focus on cleaning Sanitizing is expected to stimulate new customers from business and home or condo customers by 30% by the end of 2020.

Pakin went on to say that “D-Hygienique brand Open for service in both Bangkok and its surrounding provinces, and if customers are in other provinces, we have travel services to May have to have travel expenses for the De Hygienique brand Just notify through the staff. Where is the customer located in the province? The key is service, courtesy and staff that can give advice and solve problems that customers encounter. To provide customers with dust mite elimination services at the right place and the sincerity of the brand. “

You can contact us via LINE online: dh-thailand IG: dhthailand and www.dh-thailand.com Open daily from 10.00-19.00 hrs.

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