How to remove pee stain and smells on the mattress with an easy way, and restore the cleanness.

Today we have some easy tips and trick to remove pee stain and smells on the mattress.
It is normal for 1-5 year-old baby to have a bed wetting problem. It is a very common problem for mothers with babies. But if the child is older than 5 years but still have behavior of bed wetting, regarded as unusual. Bed wedding is a big problem to people around because of it’s smell. Lets see how to clean the stain and smell with easy tips and tricks.

remove pee stain

To clean urine on the mattress
1. For the urine that is still wet and clean , should be clean and dry out immediately by padding dry cloth or tissue paper to absorb the urine.
2. Placing thick wet cloth on the pee stain and slowly pour clean water on to it in a small amount at the time all over the area of the pee stain. And then gently press to absorb the stain out as much as possible
3. spray some water that mixed with vinegar onto the stain and let it sits for a while.
4. Sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda onto the stain to eliminate smell.
5. Don’t forget to wash the cloth that you used to clean the stain with clean water and detergent and dry it in the sun to simply kill the germs.

If you already know the these simple tips and tricks, do not forget to do it regularly to eliminate all of the smell and stain. Your baby will have the clean bed and clean sleep comfortably.

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