Review: DH-Thailand’s Mattress cleaning and sanitizing service.

Greeting everyone. I hope everyone is doing well during this current smog and viruses situation.
For allergy people like me, I always have symptoms after cleaning my bed or even cough, sneeze, and itching inside my throat at night. I also got some runny nose in the morning. These symptoms stay with me for a very long time, I have already try to clean my bed sheets and pillows more often but still, can’t relieve my allergy. Luckily I found Mattress sanitizing service from DH-Thailand on Facebook.

This is a very interesting service, I have seen this service before but because their price was a little bit too high for me. But now the brand is having a special discount promotions, so I don’t hesitate to contact them immediately. After the first time contacting them I was so satisfied with the operators, they answered all of my questions clearly and gave me some of the very useful advices. They said that these tiny dust mites piled up deep down inside our mattress, sofa, carpet, or even inside the pillows that we were using every day, Yuck!. I quickly booked my appointment with the company to come and clean up my furniture. But their schedule is quite tight, many people using their services. Therefore I have to wait for 3 days to get their services.

Finally, it is my appointment time. Their specialists were so kind and cheerful, they came in the full professional uniform and loaded up with Hi-tech machines and equipment, they also explained every procedure in detail. I can say that this made me much more satisfied, and it worth the money.
They use their “Mattress Sanitizing System” this machine can kill 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites with UV-C light. This machine will send high-frequency vibrations deep down 8-9 inches into the mattress.

mattress sanitizing service

Firstly, specialists will test the mattress first, whether there are any dust mites inside the mattress.

The picture above shows the dust mites of only some second of testing. OMG, no wonder why my symptoms was getting worse every day. There was a lot of dust mites, it is so scary. The specialist explained that these dust came from our dead skin, sweat, and other dirt, and also contained dust mites. When hey finished explained, they start to clean it intently.

The cleaning time will depend on usage time of each person’s bed, so the cleaning time will not be the same for everyone.

Lastly, specialist will coat our mattress with Potema® solution, which will help reduce the growth of dust mites, and they will test the mattress again after cleaning.

In my opinion, I was very satisfied with the services from DH-Thailand, 10 out of 10 for me. Arrived on an appointment time, all of their staff are nice and polite, carefully explained every questions that I asked, even though I asked them a lot of questions. At first, I think that their price is high, but after I have received their services and seen every procedures, I can say that it was not expensive at all to pay for our health, even better than pay this much money to the hospital and doctors to cure us when it is too late.

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