Review: Mattress cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection service.

The society that we living in now is changing all the time. An old way of cleaning can be replaced with De Hygienique, the professional mattress cleaning and sanitizing service provider. Comes with a better, easier, and more effective cleaning method than before. We provide high-quality services, guaranteed 100% dry and chemical-free. We recommend maintain De Hygienique’s standard and sanitize the mattress 2 times a year, in order to maintain the best sleeping quality. Today I’m going to review mattress cleaning from De Hygienique Thailand.

Certificates and rewards of Potema® , Mattress cleaning and sanitizing machine – The prototype of every mattress cleaning and sanitizing machine, was designed and patented in Germany in the year 1989
– Been accepted and used by more than 16 countries worldwide. This machine has been distribute to many countries’ top hygienic company.
– Been accepted and trusted in a wide area by an international magazine. And have been proven by medical laboratories – The one and only disinfection and sanitizing system that has been awarded and honored by ECARF (European Center For Allergy Research Foundation)
– Recognized and viewed on television and media in many countries for the effective mattress sanitizing and disinfecting results. For both in residences and the world’s leader-level hotels.

De Hygienique used the method of disinfecting and sanitizing which got accepted in international level.

review mattress cleaning

Firstly, the system will send high frequency vibrations into the mattress  to loosen the dirt and grime inside the mattress.

Secondly, use industrial-grade vacuum system that have been developed and adapted specially for mattresses to vacuum out all the dirt and dust mites inside.

Thirdly, irradiate high concentration UV-C light to eliminate and kill dirt, grime and small livings. This UV-C light is the same grade with the medical field.

Lastly, For long-term protection, apply world-class Potema® spray onto the surface to protect the mattress from small livings and slow down the growth and spreading of dust mites.

Where is allergy came from

  1. Environment, dust mite, cockroach, pet and other kind of bugs.
  2. Germs, bacteria and fungus.
  3. Weather like winter or summer.
  4. The cloth that made from animal fur.
  5. Soap, detergent or other chemical that is alkali
  6. Food, for examples, milk, egg or seafood.
  7. Stress or anxiety
    How to cure allergy
    -> Take good care of yourself, do not eat the food that cause an allergic, eat a healthy diet of 5 groups, including vegetables and fruits. Eat clean food and always eat fresh.
    -> Keep your house and rooms cleaned, and change your bed sheets more often. Wear a mask or cover your mouse and nose while cleaning and clean your air conditioner filter once every 2 weeks.
    -> Exercise more often, keep your mind clear and bright. Don’t get too stress or anxious and avoid crowded place
    -> Avoid petting any fur pet to avoid allergen. If you are allergic to pollen, shouldn’t bring any flower into your house.
    -> For patient who need to take medicines, we recommend to use antihistamines, nasal sprays, skin salts, inhaler or eye drops. If your symptoms are severe, you might have to change to injection or even surgery.
    Anyway, take good care of yourself is the best way to avoid the allergy, because if you are already get allergic, it is almost impossible to cure. Even though you have a very good medicine but if your health condition is not good, it is also impossible to cure the allergy. So, people who already has allergy should know the way to take care of themselves. Try your best to avoid allergens and change your behavior and make your self fit all the time. Someone might not know how dust mites look like, here is it..
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